B- URN is a 45 minute workout that uses slow and controlled movements to work your muscles to failure.

Yes Failure.

The B-

The adjectives are endless here; point being whether you choose to be yourself (or not) during your 45 minute B- URN is completely up to you! B- URN gets your heart pumping, endorphins flowing, face glowing, and most importantly the after effect of it all: pure and simple bliss inside and out. It’s the little things that count in life right?

The Lagree Fitness Method

The Lagree Fitness Method takes exercising to the next level, it’s a science and we have the numbers prove it.

The Megaformer

A 10-foot-long, 250-pound machine polished to perfection. These new babies come from California and were designed and created by fitness guru and founder of LFM, Sebastien Lagree.

The Place

B- URN is a Boutique space located in the heart of Cairo, with one of the best views in town. Although B- URN sounds daunting at first, the second you step into our world, the vibe is overwhelmingly positive. So enjoy 45 minutes of just B-eing you!

Give us a buzz and we'll make sure you get B- URNing as soon as possible!

B- Informed

All your B- URNING questions answered.


We work you hard, but we're also a fun loving bunch.


We work you hard, but we're also a fun loving bunch.
Amina Naguib
"Founder, Physio, Health Coach, & Trainer"
Amina’s play-hard, work-hard take on life is what brought around the B- URN. Amina will push you beyond your limits, with zero injuries.
Solinne El Asser
"The Badass"
A badass Latina with a STOTT pilates certification, Solinne's feisty and daring character will make sure you have one hell of a B- URN!
Lina Kabbani
"The Kickass"
This high energy, B- URN fanatic will work your B-UTT to its limit. A mom of one, loved by all, she'll make you laugh and your fat cry, all in one B- URN.
Habiba Mandour
"The Feisty One"
Small but Strong, Biba’s take on B-URN is simple: I won’t get them off the mega till each one of their muscles has reached its limits - good luck with this one!
Mirale Nada
"The Tough Cookie"
A beauty with a Pilates background will literally take each of your muscles and sculpt it to perfection in under 45 minutes - all with a smile on her face 😈
"The Athlete"
There’s no better definition of athlete than Farah. Chizzled to perfection, this crossfit coach and Lagree fitness instructor will give you a B-URN to remember!


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